Fashion Merchandising and Management Director Discusses Maternity Clothing Marketing Trends: Philadelphia Inquirer

Nioka Wyatt, director of Jefferson’s Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Program, explained how social trends have impacted the marketing of maternity clothing in a Feb. 10 story in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

For one thing, women now celebrate, rather than hide, their baby bumps. “As the laws change and we become more comfortable with our women’s movement, we see the changes trickle down through various industries and the way in which we do things,” Wyatt said.

Industrial Design Students Partner with Industry on Sprint Project

In the University’s annual industrial design sprint project, 22 student teams designed a flexible, wall-less interaction space guided by faculty and industry partner Sparks. Creative leaders from the global brand experience agency opened the weeklong event with an overview of their products and services. Then, each team was assigned a brand from Sparks’ portfolio to use as its specific client. Among the requirements, the collaboration/presentation space had to take ergonomics, technology, weight, reuse and aesthetics into consideration.

The teams, which included freshmen to graduate industrial design students, received client input at the midpoint critique, which they incorporated into their final projects using detailed renderings and scale models.

“Students gained crucial experience in working with industry-leading clients and learned how to collaborate well in a time-limited scenario,” said Mark Havens, associate director of the industry design program at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University). “The end result was a satisfied client and a valuable real-world project for students in all levels of the program to incorporate into their design portfolios.”