Getting Involved at Philadelphia University

A letter from Molly Pak, President of the Student Government Association:

Throughout the tedious and time consuming search for the perfect university or college, there is one common phrase all institutions like to toss around: “Get involved!” This ubiquitous phrase can be found on campuses all over the country. But, what does “get involved” really mean? At Philadelphia University, getting involved and being engaged is the essence of our community.

It is practically impossible to not be part of a club, organization, sport, or extra-curricular activity once you enroll at Philadelphia University. With a passionate student body and an innovative atmosphere, engagement on campus is ranked as a high priority for our students. The ability to be a part of a community service like Freedom By Design or a planning committee for an event on campus with the Campus Activities Board enhances your experience at PhilaU. I enjoy working with my fellow peers, staff, and faculty in creating my own unique experience.

Knowing I wanted to call Philadelphia University my home, I sought out my first leadership opportunity immediately, which was running for Freshman Class President. Tackling my fear of possible embarrassment, I gained so many relationships with my classmates and ultimately found my place at PhilaU as current Student Body President. Getting involved does not mean you have to run for Class President. Rather, it means being open to trying something new.

Getting involved at our university means more than signing up for a club; you will be able to exchange stories, form strong connections with your fellow peers, and make lifelong friends. Academics and student involvement go hand in hand in shaping your time at Philadelphia Univeristy. College is an experience you never want to forget. So, make it memorable and get involved!

I hope to see you on campus soon!

Molly Pak
Physician Assistant
Philadelphia University ’13

Greetings from Philadelphia University!

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This is more of a resource for prospective students to learn more about Philadelphia University.  We will have guest posts from current students, professors, University Deans, Admissions Counselors, and probably some words of wisdom from President Spinelli!  You might even let your mom and dad read this blog! 

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