Textile Design at Philadelphia University

Today I’ve invited sophomore Rachel Robinson to tell us about her experience as a Textile Design student.  You know that PhilaU was the first textile design school in the United States, right?!

Textile Design at Philadelphia University is an amazing major with various opportunities. My experience as a textile design major has been a great one. I have had the opportunity to take classes in a variety of areas including weaving, knitting, and print design. In addition I have also taken drawing and design courses, as well as one course called textile design research. Each class helps to push you further in your designs and expand your knowledge within the field of textiles. During the past two years here, I have accomplished numerous projects that I would have never done on my own, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to of had these experiences.

Currently I am taking textile design research which I absolutely love because it gives you the ability to work entirely in a sketch book where you start to build your own unique style over the course of the semester. From this course I have gained a new perspective on the designing process and have pushed myself to try particular techniques that I have previously not been comfortable with. This has resulted in several beautiful motifs that I can always refer back to for inspiration. Our most recent assignment involved researching notorious textile designers from over the years and recording particular aspects of their patterns to use in creating our own. I chose William Morris and Robert Stewart as my two designers. I pinpointed unique aspects of each designer’s work which I then manipulated and transformed into a completely new design.

What I enjoy most about being a textile design student is the hands on experience you receive in each class allowing you to grow as your own designer. I have never felt more accepted and it is a wonderful feeling to know that when you go to class you will be surrounded by amazing students and professors who are always willing to help. I highly suggest Philadelphia University as the college to attend when pursuing a career in the textile industry. I wish all of you the best of luck in your college search and I hope to see you on campus one day!

All my best,
Rachel Robinson

Learning and Advising: Academic Support for PhilaU Students

Today, we have a guest blog from Patricia Thatcher, Associate Provost for Assessment and Director of the Learning & Advising Center at Philadelphia University.  She’s going to share a bit about academic support for students…

Most parents help their college student troubleshoot academic uncertainties during the transitional first year in college.  If you observe your student worrying about college math, struggling with time management, or feeling uncertain in their major, you are in an excellent position to partner with university faculty and professionals—to help your student understand and use the academic services that are available to assist them.

The Learning & Advising Center, for example, is a network of support and information for helping new students get the most from their academic experience at Philadelphia University.  We offer free tutoring in a wide variety of freshman-level courses, with a staff of Professional Tutors for Writing, Math and Academic Skills, as well as trained Peer Tutors for content areas.  Our tutors work with students individually or in small groups to help them learn both content and how to study on their own more productively.  You can refer your student to our website for information about our tutoring schedule (http://www.philau.edu/learning/howtogettutoring.html), or have them call 215-951-2799.

We also provide academic advising for first year and transfer students. Advisors are full-time faculty representing all the schools and majors at the University.  Your student will be assigned to a specific advisor, but may meet with any First-year Advisor on a drop-in basis.  First-year Advisors assist new students in selecting courses, learning about majors, making good academic decisions, and connecting with other resources on campus (such as the library, Career Services, Study Abroad, etc).  You can consult our Advising Answers for Parents for more information about advising: (http://www.philau.edu/learning/documents/AdvisingAnswersforparents.pdf).  You can also find the Philadelphia University Parents’ Handbook at the following link: http://www.philau.edu/parents/handbook/.

By encouraging your student to self-advocate and seek out the academic resources that the university provides, you will smooth their transition into college life.

-Jennifer Reger, Associate Director of Admissions

Dr. Spinelli noted as entrepreneur teaching the next generation: CNBC

President Stephen Spinelli Jr. was featured as one of 11 entrepreneurs who are teaching the next generation on CNBC Oct. 31. An entrepreneur who made the leap to academia, Spinelli is president of a university that “has an intense focus on the practices startup owners need to master.”

Congratulations Dr. Spinelli!

You can read the full article here: http://www.cnbc.com/id/49436669/?slide=8