Philadelphia University Study Abroad Opportunities: London Edition

Have you been thinking about where you would like to study abroad when you are in college?  Maybe you’ve had your heart set on a particular city or maybe you haven’t narrowed down a location yet.  Philadelphia University can help you find the right program in the right city for you.

Today, I’d like to share another study abroad story.  This one comes from Kevin Templin, a PhilaU senior and University Rambassador, who studied abroad in London…

One of the best things about college is that you can try things you might not be able to do otherwise, like studying in another country. Philadelphia University offered me the chance to do just that. In Spring 2012, I spent a semester abroad in London, England. So far this has been my best experience at PhilaU. Like most people, I had some initial concerns: Who would I hang out with? Would I like living abroad? I’m glad to say these concerns were very short lived. My time in London was so amazing that I hope to return after graduation.

I took classes within my major and in liberal arts allowing me to stay track for graduation. I studied with other college students from around the world. The best class experience I had was in an art history course. Going to museums in London and seeing the art firsthand really brought the power of these works to life more than any book ever could. As a student, I was also able to experience Frank’s House, a building associated with the London Museum that is not able to be accessed by the general public. I had the rare opportunity to see numerous prehistoric pieces of art and to speak with some of the top historians and preservationists in the world. These are experiences I would have missed if I didn’t take the opportunity to study abroad.

While you learn about different cultures in the classroom, studying abroad gives you the opportunity to experience these cultures in person. I travelled to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, and Rome—which was actually for my birthday! I got to do and see things I never thought possible. Being atop the Eiffel Tower, in the Roman Colosseum, and taking a gondola ride in Amsterdam are experiences that I was able to share with new friends. This was the trip of a lifetime.

My experience has helped shape who I am today, and I long to return as soon as I can. As a business major—in an age that requires a global perspective—the variety of my cultural experiences will only benefit me down the road.

I wish you the best of luck with your college search. I highly recommend that every Philadelphia University student look in to the study abroad programs offered and take advantage of them to maximize your college experience. It is a decision you will not regret.


Kevin Templin
Philadelphia University Management ’13
Philadelphia University MBA ’14
Philadelphia University Men’s Lacrosse
Philadelphia University Rambassador

Avoiding the “Freshman 15” and Staying Healthy at PhilaU

Many students who will be joining us this fall have probably heard of the dreaded “Freshman 15.” While the danger to your waistline of an all-you-can-eat dining hall is something some students may struggle with, Philadelphia University offers a lot of fun, healthy options to help keep students fit and happy during their time here. PhilaU has 4 dining options on campus, each with their own style and selections. Here are some of my healthy meal ideas and tips for each one!

Ted’s, an A-La-Carte and quick service option on the main floor of Kanbar.  Order a Tazo tea with an egg and cheese sandwich before class to start your morning off right! Be cautious of the high-calorie Starbucks options such as a macchiato or latte.

Tuttleman Café, an A-la-carte option on the second floor of the Tuttleman building.  Pick up a cup of grapes, yogurt and your favorite flavor of coffee to kick start your morning on a high note.

Common Thread, an A-La-Carte dining hall located on the bottom floor of Kanbar.  Order a turkey wrap from the sandwich station and add a bag of “baked” potato chips or a fruit cup and some water with lemon to create a healthy and filling lunch to keep you going through your afternoon.

Ravenhill Dining Hall, an all-you-can-eat venue on the freshman side of campus.  Stop by the grill and grab a piece of grilled chicken to pair with a side salad from the salad bar and fill up on fresh fruit and an oatmeal cookie. Save the self-serve ice cream station for special treats!

After your academic classes, pick a group exercise class to attend with some friends, or choose one of PhilaU’s swimming nights and head over to Penn Charter (located next to campus) to do some laps in the pool. The gym is open daily for cardio activities and weightlifting, and personal trainers are available free of charge to all students to help keep you on track!

Check out this semester’s Group Exercise Schedule and class descriptions at the link below and find one that interests you!

Casey Dougan
Class of 2015

Casey Dougan is a contributing blogger for Philadelphia University’s Office of Admissions.  To learn more about Casey, click here.

Philadelphia University’s Honors Program

If you are a smart cookie, the Honors Program at Philadelphia University has lively learning, fun, and adventure to offer you!  The Honors program is a combination of enriched courses and co-curricular activities.

Students with outstanding high school records are invited to join the Honors Program when they are accepted to Philadelphia University. First year and transfer students who make the Dean’s List during their first semester are invited to pursue the honors certificate and first year students who earn over a 3.2 grade point average may apply and join on the recommendation of a faculty member or consultation with the Director of the Honors program. Honors curriculum is both challenging and supportive. The focus is on independent thought, critical analysis, and discussion. The Honors program helps prepare a student for a lifetime of learning and a personal growth.

Honors students are required to take 7 courses at honors level in the College Studies (liberal arts) area of a student’s curriculum.  These classes are not additional courses, but rather classes that are already built into your schedule.  Students can also earn honors credit for completing a project or honors course during a semester abroad, co-op and internships, community service, independent study, graduate courses, or conducting guided research. Honors students receive the option of honors housing.

At graduation, Honors students with a 3.4 or higher GPA wear the honors medallion and receive the honors certificate as well as their Philadelphia University diploma.


Nicole V. – Physician Assistant Class of 2015

Nicole is President of the Honor Student Association which helps plan the co-curricular aspects of the Honors program. “We have gone on ice skating trips at Penn’s Landing, to see plays in Center City Philadelphia, and on a trip to Washington, D.C. to the Presidential Inauguration for President Obama’s second term!” Nicole also really enjoys the online Summer Reading course which gave her the opportunity to read several interesting books. She is currently taking an Honors course about gender and LGBT issues in American History and in current events which is all discussion-based and she loves it!

Christine M. – Fashion DesignClass of 2013

Christine enjoys having projects that “involve field trips exploring Philadelphia and learning through more in depth discussions rather than just writing papers.” She also upgraded some of her fashion design courses to the honors level; this allowed her to further explore advanced topics in things that she enjoys like Jewelry Design. Christine also enjoys meeting students from other majors and feels they push each other to think and see things in different ways.

Beverly W. – Physician AssistantClass of 2014

Beverly appreciates the dedication and work ethic of her Honors peers.  “I like the discussions that happen in my Honors classes between student and teachers.  The professors are interested in what you have to say!  I enjoy that everyone in the class is there to learn and is interested in the class.”

Explore a list of Spring 2013 Honors Events:

An honors curriculum on a student’s resume and transcript verifies that the student strived for the best education possible!

For more information you may contact the Honors program Director, Marcella McCoy at or 215-951-5367.

Deborah Kaminski
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Happy Valentine's Day from PhilaU Admissions!

Will you BE MINE?  Philadelphia University loves you!  We just wanted to share some warm and fuzzy greetings with you.

What do we LOVE most about Philadelphia University?

Abbey Carr loves Philadelphia University for its unique history and impact in Philadelphia—and we have a beautiful campus!

Jen Bona loves PhilaU for the diverse student body, bringing together students with so many different interests and skills, and having them work together in and out of the classroom to come up with such great ideas!

Debbie Kaminski loves the diverse majors and the devoted faculty!  From Accounting and Environmental Sustainability, to Law and Society and Physician Assistant Studies, we offer a great menu of careers to pursue!

Kimberly Wheeler loves the student workers in Admissions! They do a great job and take on many tasks that help the Admissions office run smoothly.

Justin Dahlin loves Philadelphia University for the positive energy of the students, faculty, and staff!

Greg Potts loves Chicken Finger Thursday!

Jen Reger loves our science professors…and our admissions team!  They are all hard-working, friendly and fun!

Pam Swope loves PhilaU because of the Rambassadors—the wonderful student tour guides who brighten up the office every day!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

PhilaU Honors Student Association Trip to the Presidential Inauguration!

Here’s the latest blog update from Casey Dougan about her recent trip to Washington, D.C. with the Honors Student Association.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 21, 2013, Philadelphia University sent 20 students to Washington, D.C. with the Honors Student Association (HSA) to witness the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. Students from various majors, years, and political viewpoints made the journey with Professors David Rogers and Chad White to spend the afternoon on the national mall with hundreds of thousands of onlookers and experience history.

Sophomore Physician Assistant Studies Student, Nicole Vital said: “I am glad that Philadelphia University allowed us to go to the inauguration because I had first hand opportunity to see the results of my vote and the votes of millions of other American citizens play out before me. What a unique opportunity!”

The HSA is an organization in affiliation with the PhilaU Honors Program. It gives students with similar academic goals a chance to meet, learn and experience college together. We participate in networking sessions, attend lectures by guest speakers, and enjoy fun outings and events that include an ice-skating night at Penn’s Landing and a trip to the theatre to see “West Side Story.”

Casey Dougan
Class of 2015