Philadelphia University Celebrates 96% Job Placement/Graduate School Rate

Excuse us for bragging, but we are pretty proud of our graduates!  You can be one of our success stories too.  Please take a few minutes to read about our fantastic students from the Class of 2012.  President Spinelli has even taken some time to celebrate this great achievement.  You can read his thoughts by clicking here.

In the News: PhilaU Students Recognized for Mushroom Furniture Designs

“Crazier things have made it, even made it big, in the American marketplace, but fungal furniture – furniture made from mushroom roots – may be a little too “out there” for most people.

Yet “out there” – in the marketplace – is where Brian McClellan, 23, and Merjan Tara Sisman, 21, aspire to be with the mushroom chair and pendant lights they created for their senior project at Philadelphia University this year.”  ~Virginia A. Smith, Philadelphia Inquirer

I bet these PhilaU students never thought that they would be designing furniture and lighting out of mushrooms in preparation for graduation from Philadelphia University.  You never know where Nexus Learning will take you!  This is innovation.  Read their story and start dreaming about what you can do with a Philadelphia University education.



PhilaU’s Summer To-Do List for Incoming Students

Summer is here!  Don’t get sucked into the lazy days just yet.  You have some Philadelphia University homework to do!  Your responsibilities are outlined in the New Student Packet which was recently mailed to you.  Please read EVERY page because this will cover all of the things you need to do before arrival in August.  Pay close attention to the 2nd page of the booklet that lists important calendar and due dates.

I’ve summarized the New Student Packet into a to-do list to help keep you on track.  Please note that these are tasks that you, the STUDENT, need to complete, not your parents!

  • PAST DUE:  Complete Math Questionnaire and Writing Placement via WebAdvisor by June 1st.
  • PAST DUE:  Register for START Orientation via WebAdvisor by June 10th.
  • Complete Housing Application and Agreement on the ResLife housing portal by June 21st, if you will live on campus.
  • Complete and return Health Medical Record by July 1st.  Make an appointment with your family doctor ASAP!  The health forms should be mailed to the PhilaU Health Center.
  • Request that your Final Official High School Transcript be sent to PhilaU before fall classes begin.
  • Send AP Exam results and college transcripts if applicable.
  • Complete and return the Disability Services Form if applicable.
  • Fall Tuition Billing Statements will be available in QuikPay via WebAdvisor in early July.  Paper statements will not be sent.  The balance of this bill is due July 31st.  To give access to your parent, guardian, or another person responsible for your bill, you must do the following:
    • Add parent/payer as an Authorized Payer in QuikPAY via WebAdvisor.
    • Complete and return the FERPA Release Form.
      • Because college students’ financial records are protected by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts (FERPA), parents and family members do not have automatic access to a student’s financial accounts.  In order for parents to receive financial statements via email and discuss a student’s account with university staff, these two tasks must be completed.
  • Decide if you want university-sponsored health insurance or if you will be covered another way.  If you wish to decline this health insurance, you must waive the insurance by September 13th.
    • The University requires all students to have health insurance.  You must go to and enter your health insurance information into the database to waive the university-sponsored health insurance plan.
  • Decide if you want tuition insurance. Review information about A.W.G. Dewar Tuition Insurance Coverage at If you do not wish to use this tuition insurance, it must be waived via WebAdvisor by September 13th.
    • The University has contracted with A.W.G. Dewar to provide our students with tuition insurance. This plan insures each student’s annual tuition and fee charges (and housing and meal plan for on-campus students) in the vent that the student must withdraw from the University due to a serious illness or accident after the published tuition refund deadlines.

In addition to crossing things off the to-do list, this summer will be an important time for you to hang out with family and friends who won’t get to see you as often in the coming years.  Spend time with your favorite people, and have a safe and happy summer!

Abbey Carr
Admissions Counselor