New Projects from PhilaU Fashion Alum Jay McCarroll

Good morning!  I started my morning by reading an excellent article about Jay McCarroll–a former Philadelphia University student, a current fashion professor, and the winner of Project Runway’s first season!  Check out all of the creative things he has been up to in Philadelphia in this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Are you interested in learning more about some noteworthy PhilaU Fashion Alums?  It all starts here:

50 Days Until Move-In: a graduate's guide to shopping and packing for college

50 days until first-year students move-in!? Wow! I can’t believe this summer is flying by so quickly.  With the countdown getting smaller and smaller, I thought I’d write a quick blog with my recommendations about what to buy, pack, and leave at home.

First of all, remember that you are coming to Philadelphia University with about 700 other new students.  If you forget to bring something, this will be the perfect opportunity to meet your neighbor: “Hey, do you have a can opener?”  Most of the items on my list below can be purchased at the PhilaU bookstore on campus.  On the bookstore’s website, they also offer links to software requirements and art and architecture supply companies.  If you can’t find what you need on campus, there’s always Target nearby.  You can even rent a car for the day to get where you need.

You will most likely NEED…

  • Pillows, sheets, blankets, and comforter (Extra-Long mattress size!)
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Shower flip flops
  • Full-length mirror
  • Hangers
  • Toiletries and shower caddy
  • Desk lamp
  • Cleaning supplies
  • First aid kit with cold medicine, pain relievers, and bandages
  • Clothes for all occasions
    • Business/business casual attire (You will be surprised how often you will need to be somewhat dressed up for class presentations or events.)
    • Rain coat, boots, and umbrella
  • School supplies (Pack most of this in your backpack for easy moving)
    • Power strip
    • Duct tape
    • Flash drive
    • 3 hole punch, stapler (with staples, obviously), and tape
    • Fun-tac for hanging photos and posters
    • Trashcan (not a mesh one, a solid plastic trashcan that can hold liquids if necessary)
  • Simple dishes and utensils (store them all in a giant popcorn bowl)
    • Can opener
    • Filter water bottle or pitcher
    • Pantry basics (peanut butter, popcorn, soup, oatmeal)
    • Alarm clock—your phone won’t cut it in college
    • Under-the-bed storage bins
    • Pop-up laundry hamper and laundry supplies (Hello, Tide To Go!)
    • Plug-in style air freshener (One of my friends had a roommate who was VERY into Dance, Dance Revolution. I’m a supporter of pursuing your own hobbies, but this was a very sweaty and smelly hobby.)

You might want…

  • Dry erase board (so friends can leave you old fashioned text messages)
  • Telephone (Believe it or not, you will have your own landline in your room!)
  • Envelopes and stamps
  • Seat cushion (You will be studying a lot!)
  • “Soccer mom” chairs (This was my mom’s brilliant idea! You can fold them up and throw them in a closet when your guests leave.)
  • Bathrobe
  • Mini toolkit
  • Mattress topper (memory foam is an amazing thing, but make sure you buy that alarm clock too!)
  • Bike, helmet, and bike lock
  • Athletic equipment (basketball, volleyball, Frisbee, Yoga mat, etc)
  • Gym bag/overnight bag
  • Reading pillow
  • Curtains

You should coordinate with roommate about these things…

  • Refrigerator and MicroFridge (These can be rented through the university’s vendor
  • Television
  • Board games and card games
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Clothes Drying Rack (Only one kid on my floor had a drying rack when I was a freshman. That kid quickly became very popular, and he even earned the nickname Drying Rack John.)
  • Floor lamp
  • Area rug (Students may bring their own carpet or purchase one through the University vendor. If a carpet is pre-purchased, the carpet will be delivered to the room prior to move in day.)
  • Mini vacuum

Leave at home

  • Air conditioners
  • Halogen lamps and sunlamps
  • Hot plates, heating coils
  • Microwave ovens (except in townhouses and apartments)
  • Open-flame items (No candles and incense; get a plug-in style air freshener)
  • Pets (except for small fish)
  • Toaster ovens
  • Waterbeds

Abbey Carr
Assistant Director of Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions about START

Each summer, Student Development hosts the START sessions to help students get to know Philadelphia University, receive their fall semester class schedule, and start making new friends.  You will receive mail and emails about your specific START session, but Admissions has put together some Frequently Asked Questions that might help you out.  We will add to this list as new questions and answers come up.  Feel free to email or call Student Development if you have specific questions – or 215-951-2634.

  • Are commuter students required to stay overnight?
    • Yes!  All students are required to stay overnight.
  • I need to register, but the July sessions are not available as options anymore.  Do I have to come in August?
    • Yes!  All of the July sessions are full.  The only option remaining is August 20th.
  • What do I need to bring to START?
    • Students will sleep on campus in a residence hall.  Please remember to bring sheets or a sleeping bag, a pillow, shower supplies, a towel, and warm weather clothes.
  • My parent wants to come, but didn’t register OR my parent didn’t register, but now wants to attend.  What should I do?
    • Students should be able to update their registration on WebAdvisor to add or subtract a guest registration.  If they run into issues, they should contact Student Development at 215-951-2634 or just mention it during check-in.