10 Occupations in High Demand: PhilaU has a perfect program for nearly all of them!

There are many reasons why 96% of Philadelphia University’s class of 2012 is working in their field of study or accepted to the graduate school of their choice.  One of the reasons is that PhilaU is focused on educating students in fields that are important to society right now.  This morning, I found an article about 10 occupations that are currently in high demand, and it reaffirmed for me that Philadelphia University is on the right track.

Take a look at the list compiled in the article above, then compare PhilaU’s list of programs.  Maybe one of these majors will be exactly what you are looking for…


Where in the World is President Spinelli?

Philadelphia University’s President Spinelli is starting a week-long vacation with some of his friends.  He will be posting pictures of his travels, asking trivia questions, and giving away prizes!  Prizes will be awarded for correct answers and to new Twitter followers and Facebook likes–especially from incoming students!  Head over to Facebook and Twitter to follow along and win!

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