NEWS: 2012

PhilaU Admissions Open House Wayfinding Project

If you attended the Spring 2012 PhilaU Admissions Open House, hopefully you found your way around the jam-packed event and got to where you needed—or wanted—to go more easily than before. And, hopefully, this was due—in part—to improved wayfinding signage and banners created by students from the Philadelphia University Design Workshop (PUDW) during the Spring semester 2012.

Former Rambassador, Lauren Franowski, and part of the the PhilaU Admissions Wayfinding project.

Working with Greg Potts, Director of Admissions at PhilaU, the two senior-year Graphic Design Communication students, Lauren Frankowski and Laura Schoedler (both PhilaU GDC, 2012) created  a design system of horizontal banners to designate the new College structure as well as several vertical banners that helped to distinguish the academic majors on campus. Lauren, a former “Rambassador” leading Admissions tours on campus, brought this experience with her to the project, as well as her experience from taking the Exhibit Design and Signage design elective course taught by Adjunct Professor, Amy Rees, who served as a consultant on the project.

In addition, Lauren and Laura created a design system of lawn signs that were “more conversational” in tone, meant to engage with the audience of prospective students and their families as they approached the Open House area. These lawn signs also acted as directional signage leading people to the Gallagher Center facility.

The design system was created to be sustainable—something that could be used at future Open Houses for several years to come. And if you found your way around just a little bit easier, you’ll have Laura and Lauren to thank for this.