NEWS: 2012

Designing the Broad Street Run Banners

“Wanna design a banner on Broad Street?” Almost any graphic design student would answer with a resounding “yes!” to an opportunity such as this to design a banner that would be displayed on Broad Street, one of Philadelphia’s signature thoroughfares, and the location of the Blue Cross Broad Street Run. This question was posed to Program Director and Associate Professor, Frank Baseman, and the Philadelphia University Design Workshop (PUDW) by the Logan Community Development Corporation during the Spring semester 2012. Students in the PUDW course were charged with creating banner designs for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, the largest 10-mile running race in the country, that begins in the Logan neighborhood at Broad Street and Somerville Avenue.

The purpose of the project was to inform the public that the start of the Broad Street Run was located in the Logan neighborhood of the city. The banners added punches of color along the race route, celebrating the festive atmosphere of the race and drawing attention to Logan’s diverse business environment.

Samantha Mola (PhilaU GDC, 2012), a senior-year Graphic Design Communication student, created the unique design of the banners. “I really just wanted to focus on motivating people to be active. To me this means more than just running in the Blue Cross Broad Street Run—it means coming out to support your city and neighbors,” said Mola. Samantha actually used her sneaker as a kind of stamp, having inked the sole of her sneaker to make prints for her banner design.


Pictured left to right: Sylvia Okechukwu, Business District Manager, Logan CDC; Cicely Peterson-Mangum, Executive Director, Logan CDC; Samantha Mola (PhilaU GDC, 2012); Program Director Frank Baseman; and Blue Cross Broad Street Race Director, Jim Marino.

The 4 foot x 6 foot banners were created in collaboration with Logan CDC, Independence Blue Cross, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, Keep Philadelphia Beautiful, and Philadelphia University, and were produced via digital printing on fabric with over 50 pole banners installed at the starting line of the race. Race Director Jim Marino of the Blue Cross Broad Street Run added, “the Logan neighborhood has been a gracious host for over 32 years to hundreds of thousands of runners that have come from all over the world to start off the race each year.”

Logan CDC seeks to enhance the quality of life for residents and businesses through transformative community and economic development, and PUDW hopes to continue the relationship begun with Logan CDC to collaborate on future projects. Stay tuned for further details.