NEWS: 2013

PhilaU Alum Bob Cassella Designs Facebook App for Art Directors Club

news_alumni_cassella1This just in from alum Bob Cassella (PhilaU GDC, 2009), Art Director at Masterminds in Philadelphia: I recently had a fun opportunity to work with The Art Directors Club on a promotional Facebook app. The Creative Producer for ADC, Zack Kinslow, used to work with me at Masterminds as a Copywriter. So, it was kind of like a mini reunion when he got in touch with us to work together on this project. The concept was simple—ADC wanted an app to live on their Facebook page that would reveal a promo code after users filled out a short form. Students could then use that code on the ADC site to get 50% off a new membership and share the offer with their friends. All too often, people share things on social media with little meaning or value. Our goal was to make something that young creatives would consider worth sharing with their classmates and friends—and maybe buy a few beers with the money they all saved.

news_alumni_cassella2At the core, this project was essentially to design a coupon. Our job was to take it to the next level by making it look cool, sound smart, and adding a bit of interactivity. This was accomplished through the art direction and witty writing style. It needed to appeal to college creatives and also communicate the benefits of joining Art Directors Club. Since it was a "back-to-school" type of deal, I designed the app to look like hand-drawn chalkboard art, with a pop of Fall colors. The name of the promotion is a twist on the famous Picasso quote: "Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal," which most design students can probably relate to. At the bottom of the app, rather than include a long, bulleted list of benefits, we opted for an image slider, which communicated the same information, just in a more visually interesting way.

news_alumni_cassella3I, along with the rest of the Masterminds creative team, had this app concepted, designed, and fully programmed in about five days (good thing I had plenty of all-nighters at PhilaU to prepare me for tight deadlines like this). After the app launched, I also had the chance to explore some animation ideas for use in online banner ads.

IMAGE4The app runs until October 15 on the ADC Facebook page, so if any PhilaU students are interested in claiming this deal, there's still some time. Just click the "50% ADC Coupon" button at the top of their page. For a full list of ADC student benefits, click here. See below for a few highlights.