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Sharing Thoughts: Baseman and Kradel-Weitzel Present at AIGA National Design Conference

Associate Professor Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel and Program Director and Associate Professor Frank Baseman both made presentations at Head, Heart, Hand, the AIGA National Design Conference in Minneapolis, MN. Maribeth presented “A New Model for Interdisciplinary Education,” about Philadelphia University’s interdisciplinary DEC core curriculum which unites the disciplines of design, engineering and commerce. Maribeth is the lead coordinator for one of the courses in this curriculum, called Integrative Design Process (IDP). IDP teaches the principles of design thinking as a technique for driving innovation. And Frank presented “Lessons I’m Still Learning” or “The Trials and Tribulations of Working with Students on Real-World, Collaborative Interdisciplinary Projects,” using case studies from the Philadelphia University Design Workshop course.


Baseman Judges CHAD Student Exhibition

Program Director and Associate Professor, Frank Baseman, was honored to be invited to serve as a judge of the Student Exhibition at the Charter High School for Art and Design (CHAD) in Philadelphia.