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Illustrator Ian Wright Uses Torn Paper Collage to Create Unique Portraits

Ian Wright is an English Illustrator and Graphic Designer who has worked with some of the most iconic names in music and fashion—Issey Miyake, Björk, Grandmaster Flash and Pete Townsend. So, what’s he doing working with a group of buttoned-up, suit and tie wearing Philadelphia lawyers? Pond Lehocky Stern and Giordano, a Center City law firm specializing in workmen’s compensation has commissioned Wright to create large-scale portraits of three clients to hang in the central staircase of their new offices in Center City Philadelphia.


Alumni Profile: Dan Gretta, Senior Designer at CF Napa, Napa Valley, CA

Sometimes when it rains, it pours… This just in from Dan Gretta (PhilaU GDC, 2008), Senior Designer at CF Napa, Napa Valley, CA. “Since graduating, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing a variety of industries. My career began in advertising and branding at an agency in New Jersey called 1 Trick Pony. I was extremely fortunate to have a hand in branding, web, illustration and packaging all in my first gig. It allowed me to explore new things and find what I loved most. Some of the larger clients included Turner Classic Movies, Sony Pictures Classics, Hard Rock and Virgin Mobile. Black Coffee was one of many smaller clients in need of some branding and packaging. It was the branding projects that I found myself really passionate about. After a few years, I wanted to move away from the message-based advertising and focus on branding and become more involved with packaging. At the time, my fiancée was job hunting and I was okay with her expanding her search nationwide. After a job-acceptance in Boston, the wheels were in motion for me to leave 1 Trick and pursue a more specific career.


Baseman Serves on Stuckeman School Advisory Board at Penn State

Program Director and Professor Frank Baseman has been invited to serve on the Stuckeman School Advisory Board of the College of Arts and Architecture at Penn State University (his undergraduate alma mater). The Stuckeman School is made up of the Departments of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and the Graphic Design program, and is housed in the College of Arts and Architecture.

The Advisory Board gathered recently for a meeting at Penn State and includes (front row, left to right): Susan Rademacher, Parks Curator, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy; Frank Baseman, Program Director and Professor, Philadelphia University; Darwina Neal, Retired, National Park Service; Patricia Kucker, Associate Dean, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, University of Cincinnati; Michael Tunkey, Principal, CannonDesign; (back row, left to right): David Rubin, Principal, Land Collective; Michael Pinto, Principal, NAC | Architecture; William Stinger, Senior Principal, HOK; Barbara Korner, Dean, College of Arts and Architecture, Penn State University; Frank Poli, Associated Estates Realty Corp.; and Carlo Ninassi, Associate Professor, Smeal College of Business, Penn State University.

Getting Our Hands Dirty at LeadGraffiti

Some junior-year students in the Advanced Typography course spent a recent Saturday participating in a hands-on letterpress workshop at LeadGraffiti in Newark, Delaware. Led by the LeadGraffiti team (former University of Delaware Professor Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher and Tray Nichols), students toured the working museum, then typeset, printed and bound their very own books.


Alumni Profile: Annelise (Babula) Smith, Bailey Brand Consulting, Plymouth Meeting, PA

And this just in from Annelise (Babula) Smith (right, PhilaU GDC, 2013), Designer at Bailey Brand Consulting in Plymouth Meeting where she works alongside fellow Designer, PhilaU alum (and dear friend), Jewéll Richardson (left, PhilaU GDC, 2013). “In October 2013, I began my design career at Bailey Brand Consulting, a firm that mixes both creativity and strategy to develop a range of brands. I was fortunate to join the Bailey team along with four other talented designers, including fellow alumna Jewéll Richardson. Formerly known for their packaging and structure design, Bailey’s creative capabilities have grown to include identity design, web design, social media, and print design.


Alumni Profile: Jewell Richardson, Bailey Brand Consulting, Plymouth Meeting, PA

This just in from Jewell Richardson (left, PhilaU GDC, 2013), Designer at Bailey Brand Consulting in Plymouth Meeting where she works alongside fellow Designer, PhilaU alum (and dear friend), Annelise (Babula) Smith (right, PhilaU GDC, 2013). “Five months after graduating from PhilaU in 2013, I began work as a Designer at Bailey Brand Consulting. I had previously worked as an intern, so the office wasn’t an entirely foreign environment when I started as an employee. I was excited to end a long search process as I was finally able to put five years of training into practice.


DiSanto Leads Bookmaking Workshop with Young Students

Visiting Assistant Professor Rose DiSanto recently led a morning bookmaking workshop with students at the Adaire Alexander School in Philadelphia. Rose was invited into the classroom by her friend and neighbor, Dr. Chris Long, who had been working on a project with her 7th and 8th grade students about personal storytelling and memoir.