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Hole in Wall Gang Camp and Next Step Fundraiser

Visiting Assistant Professor Rose DiSanto was joined by Adjunct Professors Bob Warkulwiz, Dianne Zotter-Mill, and Steve DeCusatis at a benefit fundraiser recently for two charities: The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and Next Step. Rose has been a volunteer counselor, board member, designer, fundraiser and supporter of both organizations for more than 25 years.

Student Field Trip to Ad Agency: Red Tettemer + Partners, Phila.

By Tabitha Ahnert (PhilaU GDC, 2015)

Recently, several of Philadelphia University’s graphic design seniors (and one ambitious freshman!) set out on a PhilaU AIGA-run adventure to discover what it was like to work in the fast-paced, prestigious world of advertising. Our destination: Philly’s own, Red Tettemer + Partners. Located smack-dab in the middle of Center City, Red Tettemer’s studio space definitely sets the wacky-bar for ad firms everywhere. Zany, yet incredibly clever, Red’s lobby—complete with foosball table, literal tub of gin, very large cowboy, and type-set poster stating “Be Unforgettable”—gave our students an impression of the immensity of Red Tettemer + Partners, and set the tone for the creative processes they were about to witness.


Trick or Treat

Several of the senior-year Graphic Design students recently had a fun time dressing up for Halloween as we had an interim pin-up critique with our clients from the National Constitution Center on Halloween Day. We were joined that day by our alum, John Pugh (PhilaU GDC, 2010), Exhibition Designer at the National Constitution Center; Julia Fiorello, Creative Services Manager; and Jenna Winterle, Museum Programs Coordinator.