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Posters Against Ebola: Raising Money for Doctors Without Borders

In response to the current ebola crisis, Associate Professor Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel has authored the charitable project, Posters Against Ebola. Ebola is a deadly disease surrounded by many controversies, locally and globally. Posters Against Ebola is a place for designers, artists, and activists to express ideas, solutions, and opinions about this disease and the human reaction to it. All proceeds from the sale of these posters go to Doctors Without Borders.

The project began as an invitation only collection and currently includes poster contributions from Professor Frank Baseman, Adjunct Professor Steve Decusatis and alum Michael Norcross. Now, the project is open to the public. Please consider contributing your voice to this issue and support the fight against this terrible disease.

To learn more, please check out Steven Heller’s write-up about the project in Print Magazine’s The Daily Heller or visit the project’s Facebook page.

Posters Against Ebola contribution by Steve Decusatis


Results of Industry-Sponsored National Constitution Center Civic Holidays Systems Design Project

What began as an information gathering and research field trip at the beginning of the semester on Constitution Day to the National Constitution Center—our industry-sponsored client for the Fall 2014 semester—culminated in senior-year Graphic Design Communication students presenting the results of their impressive work to representatives from the Constitution Center. The format was a“poster session,” which was open to the public and we were very pleased to see many students, administrators, several alums and, of course, the clients in attendance. After that, the clients served as judges of the student work, identifying select work for design excellence.