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Michael Norcross’ Dark Matters at Indy Hall

The First Friday in May! From the peculiar mind of alum Michael Norcross (PhilaU GDC, 2009) comes Dark Matter, a curious compilation of quagmires preserved on ink and paper. Michael Norcross explores the grey areas in vivid black & white! The internet is a weird place to get lost, and Norcross hurls himself into the online unknown. Keep a safe distance and watch in awe as Dark Matter attempts to expose the abnormal for your viewing pleasure. Our aberrant artist illustrates obscure entries from the recesses of Wikipedia, portraying each with a single screen print. Transferring complex speculation into simple shapes, Norcross traps the phenomena but for a moment—long enough to witness some fragment of truth. Dark Matter moves beyond examining the unknown, it attempts to domesticate mystery on stark, 18 x 24 posters. What do Saturn, spiders and sailing stones share in common? Find out when you encounter Dark Matter on First Friday, May 1st, 2015.

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Field trip to the Printer: Take Two

Part of working on projects in the Philadelphia University Design Workshop course is taking the projects all the way to production. And that can often mean interfacing and working with various vendors and printers to assist in producing the projects. Liz Dell designed the 2015 PhilaU Showcase poster, and as part of that process she had an opportunity to visit the printer while her poster was being printed.


Karnes Featured in TDC Annual for Second Year

For the second year in a row, work by Assistant Professor Eric Karnes was recognized by the annual Type Directors Club competition–widely considered the most prestigious international typography competition. His promotional poster for a Richmond-based jewelry designer and fine artist will be published in the Typography 36 Annual and will be featured in seven exhibitions touring cities in the United States, Canada, France, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Design Workshop Field trip to the Printer

In the Philadelphia University Design Workshop course we work on “real projects for real clients” and one of the projects we are working on this Spring 2015 semester is an 80-page + cover Publication and fully-functioning Website entitled Kanbar Selects. Kanbar Selects is a selection of Capstone and Industry-Sponsored projects from the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce. The clients in this case are Deans and faculty from the Kanbar College at PhilaU. We recently took a field trip to the printer, Paradigm Digital Color Graphics, to tour their facility and to go over the project and discuss necessary production details. The 2015 PUDW class is pictured in front of the Xerox i-Gen digital press (affectionately known as “Ginny”) that will be printing our Publication.

PhilaU Graphic Design: Representing at Open House

For many years many of our best students have also worked on campus as “Rambassadors” (cute name), working for the Admissions office giving campus tours, sometimes writing blog posts and all-in-all being stellar representatives of not only the student body, but the Graphic Design program as well. And this year is no different. Seniors Sarah Driban and Kelsey Veurink have been Rambassadors for several years; and junior Emma Donofrio-Galley has also been a Rambassador for many years. They were joined at a recent Open House by seniors Nicole Tuite and Jessica Eversmeyer as they welcomed incoming and prospective students and their families to the PhilaU campus. A good time was had by all.


Alumni Profile: Ali (Casey) Haegele, Creative Services Manager, Karma Agency, Philadelphia

I accepted my first job offer two weeks before graduation. It was a production artist position at a well-known, colorful ad agency in the city. I knew my book was great, and production wasn’t exactly my dream job, but I thought, “If I don’t take this opportunity, someone else will,” and so began my career in advertising. I worked in production for two years, mastering the technical side of design while learning the ropes of agency life. I begged for design work and was given some really cool opportunities from a particularly awesome creative director who recognized my talent. (Full disclosure: I’m now married to him.)


Highest Honors: PhilaU Again Named a Top Design School

For the fourth year in a row the Graphic Design Communication program at Philadelphia University was honored to be included in the list of Top Design Schools 2015 by Graphic Design USA Magazine. Philadelphia University was one of only thirty-five schools nationwide named in this prestigious list of Colleges and Universities in the March/April 2015 issue of this national publication.

Single Bullet Exhibition at Battleship New Jersey

The award-winning exhibition, “Single Bullet: Arlen Specter and the Warren Commission Investigation of the JFK Assassination” has recently been installed at the Battleship New Jersey in Camden, New Jersey. After the initial installation in the Gutman Library, parts of the original exhibition have been mounted at the Battleship New Jersey where it should reach a much wider audience than on the PhilaU campus.


PhilaU Graphic Design Social Media

The PhilaU Graphic Design Program recently updated our social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So please like us, follow us and otherwise stay up-to-date and current with our program.


PhilaU Graphic Design: Get Your 2015 Swag On!

The warm-up project for the Spring semester in the Philadelphia University Design Workshop course was to design “swag” for the Graphic Design program in the form of buttons and T-shirts that we could give out at the PhilaU Graphic Design Discovery Day event. Besides it’s kinda fun to make things like this! The T-shirt design is by Jessica Eversmeyer, and buttons were designed by all of the students in the class: Tabitha Ahnert, Lindsay Birch, Liz Dell, Kate DiGiovannantonio, Sarah Driban, Jessica Eversmeyer, Tom Howley, Victoria Jeffries, Julie Johnson, Bunley Lim and Kelsey Veurink.