NEWS: 2015

Kanbar Selects Project Earns Gold and Silver Awards

news_program_ucda2015_kanbarpub1The Publication and Website for the Kanbar Selects, volume 1 project earned both a Gold and Silver Award in the 2015 University and College Designers Association’s 45th Annual Design Competition. There were nearly 1,100 entries to this national design competition, and the industry professional judges awarded 165 total awards in a variety of categories. The Kanbar Selects, volume 1 Publication won a Gold Award (one of only seven Gold Awards), while the Website for the same project was awarded a Silver Award (one of only fifteen Silver Awards), as well as an Award of Excellence.

The Kanbar Selects, volume 1 project was a fine example of Philadelphia University’s signature Nexus Learning teaching style: very active, collaborative, cross-disciplinary and very real world. This team based project produced by Graphic Design Communication students and an Interactive Design and Media student was undertaken in the Philadelphia University Design Workshop course during the Spring semester 2015. Tabitha Ahnert, Sarah Driban, Jessica Eversmeyer, Bunley Lim were the designers of the Publication; while Julie Johnson was the designer of the Website. Professor and Program Director Frank Baseman served as Creative Director and Art Director on the project.

news_program_ucda2015_kanbarpub2The Kanbar Selects project was produced as a result of a request of the DEC Capstone working group to showcase a selection of the Capstone and Industry-Sponsored projects produced in Kanbar College. An interdisciplinary group of faculty led by Frank Baseman, Mark Havens and Phillip Russell worked as Editors on the project, spearheading the curation of the selected projects, while Associate Registrar, Kelsey Gilbert served as Copy Editor. And congratulations to Dr. Kanbar for his belief in and enduring support of PhilaU.

news_program_ucda2015_kanbarwebAnother fine example of Nexus Learning, the Powered To… PhilaU Title IX Awareness Campaign Against Sexual Violence on Campus project also won four Awards of Excellence in a variety of categories in the same design competition. An interdisciplinary team of nine students from Graphic Design Communication and Animation created the award-winning Identity and Campaign. Congrats to the Creative Team of Sarah Bui, Brianna DiPietro, Vicki Ewing, Elissa Flanigan, Eric Lacy, Kelly McHugh, Samantha Miller, Franklin Overstreet, and Nadin Radwan. The project was produced in the Philadelphia University Design Workshop course, Spring 2014, under the direction of Frank Baseman, Professor and Program Director, and Fred Freeman, Adjunct Professor of Animation.

This year’s show will be on display at the 45th Annual UCDA Design Conference, October 3–6 in Orlando, Florida.