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Alumni Profile: Emily Zuwiala, Lead Designer, Warkulwiz Design Associates


This just in from alum Emily Zuwiala (PhilaU GDC, 2010): After leaving Hayward Hall for that last time in 2010, I can’t say I really had any idea of where I wanted to work. I knew I wanted to do great work and work for good people. Sounds easy enough, right? After graduating from PhilaU I started my career with an internship at a small Philadelphia agency and followed that with a stint in the advertising department of Philadelphia Magazine in a temporary position. I worked on anything from hot sauce labels for a local company to wine and liquor advertising. Then one day soon after I received a missed call from Bob Warkulwiz. Anyone who has come through the PhilaU Graphic Design program has had Bob. His teaching style is something to be remembered, so needless to say I was interested to know why I was getting a call from him.


PhilaU Graphic Design and National Constitution Center Collaboration Redux

Following the very successful collaboration from the previous year, the PhilaU Graphic Design program is again partnering with the National Constitution Center in historic Center City Philadelphia for a large scale, industry-sponsored project to be undertaken during the Fall 2015 semester. On a beautiful Fall day, faculty and senior-year Graphic Design students enrolled in the GRAPH 401. Design 7, Systems Design Integration course took a field trip to experience and visit the Constitution Center as information gathering and experiential research for the Systems Design project.


Alumni Profile: Jody Barto, Ed.D. Adult Learning & Development Consultant and Educator

It was graduation day in 2004. I told my parents that this was it—no more degrees for me! If anyone would have told me where I’d end up ten years later, there is no way I would have believed them.

My first job was as a graphic designer at a multi-disciplinary design and planning firm in Philadelphia. I designed marketing campaigns, teamed with management on updating their company’s brand standards, and led in the development and delivery of the employee training programs, which followed. This experience inspired me to begin a new journey—into the field of adult learning and development. I found that the creativity that I applied to solve visual communication problems translated quite well into a newly discovered passion—adult education.

In 2008, I began graduate study in Adult & Organizational Development at Temple University. I also accepted a Graduate Assistantship, teaching interpersonal communication courses to undergraduate students. I loved every minute of it—being able to apply what I was learning in the classroom directly into my teaching each week. Upon graduation in 2010, I remained at Temple for a year as an Adjunct Professor, teaching courses in interpersonal communication, team development, and conflict management. It was an economic recession