NEWS: 2015

Posters Against Ebola Exhibition

news_faculty_mbebola1Roughly one year ago, the Ebola epidemic was raging, and Associate Professor Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel began inviting designers to participate in the Posters Against Ebola project. This project provided an opportunity for designers to express ideas, solutions and opinions about this horrible disease and the human reaction to it. The resulting collection consists of 51 posters dealing with a wide variety of topics, some of which include the politics of medical research funding, racism, media sensationalism and U.S. responsibility. All of the posters are for sale, with 100% of  the proceeds benefitting Doctors Without Borders.

The full collection of Ebola Posters was on display at AIGA Philadelphia’s Space Gallery in Old City, Philadelphia for the month of October, 2015 and was AIGA Philadelphia’s signature event for Design Philadelphia.


news_faculty_mbebola3Philadelphia University participants include full-time faculty: Frank Baseman and Renée Walker; adjunct faculty: Laurie Churchman, Mario Zucca and Steve Decusatis; alums: Michael Norcross and Victoria Jeffries; and students: Emma Donofrio-Galley, Kendra Stepp-Davis, and Kelly Szymanowski.