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Information / Publication: A Graphic Design Exhibition

Please join the Graphic Design Communication Program this Friday, April 29th at 5:30 PM for the culmination of the Graphic Design electives Issues in Information Design and Advanced Publication Design.

Information design projects on display will range from personal biographic diagrams and mapping uncharted territories, to breathing a new life into the middle school science classroom poster. Over the course of the semester students visualized current topics in politics, network activity, species extinction, and other scientific, sociological and cultural phenomena. The final project encompassed a collaboration with an 8th grade science class where students designed posters explaining topics covered in the middle school Physics curriculum.

Students in Advanced Publication Design will showcase their semester long magazine projects and companion websites. Students selected varying topics for their publications, from church architecture and street food, to equestrian horseback riding and busking. Each explored varying types and formats of information unique to their subject and target audience as they developed their editorial voices across both print and digital mediums.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see what we’re up to!

29 April 2016

Philadelphia University
4201 Henry Avenue
DEC Center, Room 211

5:30–7:30 PM

Beverages & snacks will be provided



PhilaU Graphic Design Representing at Open House

Graphic designers looked pretty swaggy with Phil the Ram at the Spring Open House! From left to right, Assistant Professor Beth Shirrell, Emma Donofrio-Galley (PhilaU GDC, 2016), Phil the Ram, Professor and Program Director Frank Baseman, and Gia DeWitt (PhilaU GDC 2018). We hope that all the families enjoyed the day and had a great visit to PhilaU. Come on back now, ya hear!

Recent Field-Trip No. 3. Seniors Getting Out of the Classroom

Some of the PhilaU senior-year Graphic Design students got out of the classroom recently for two exciting studio tours. First stop was SK Designworks, a very well-known, small-scale design studio in Center City, Philadelphia with just three designers. And the second stop was at Comcast’s Corporate Office headquarters, also in Center City. From the 45th floor, students got a magnificent view of the city beneath them and the future ahead of them. Many thanks to SK Designworks and Comcast for welcoming us into their offices!