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PhilaU Represents at Philadelphia Design Summit

The Philadelphia University Graphic Design program was well represented at a recently convened Philadelphia Design Summit gathering of Philadelphia area graphic designers. Ellen Shapiro, Contributing Editor for HOW Magazine, was in town and wanted to speak with a cross section of designers as she will be writing a feature story in an upcoming issue of HOW Magazine on Philadelphia as a City of Design. Tentatively entitled “Philadelphia: The City of Designerly Love,” look for the article soon.


Teaching Chess to Young Children: An Industry Sponsored Project

In Fall 2016, the Package Design course, taught by Associate Professor Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel, had the unique opportunity to partner with Chess At Three, a New York based company that teaches chess to children as young as age three through a dynamic, character-driven curriculum. Chess at Three came to the graphic design program with a set of hilarious and creative stories that attached individual character personas to each chess piece to explain how that piece would move. For example, King Shakees (one of the king pieces) only moves one square at a time in any direction because he is extremely cautious. He lives in a castle made of pillows!

Using the stories as a jumping off point, students worked to create a visual culture around the existing narrative. Students created packaging, book, character and game piece component proposals. A select group of three students moved forward with the work as their capstone project in the spring semester.

Veronica Llamas (’16, currently employed at Muhlenhaupt + Company, llc), Nicole Meyer (’16, currently employed at McCann Humancare) and Caroline Noebels (’16, currently employed at Push10) all worked