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AIGA Philly Open Studio Tours

By Charlotte Rymar (PhilaU GDC, 2018)

AIGA Philly Open Studio Tours began recently, and three PhilaU Graphic Design juniors were lucky enough to visit DiD Agency’s newly built studio in downtown Philadelphia! DiD Agency is an independent healthcare advertising agency that takes pride in creating emotional relationships with the consumer using insight-driven, inspiring brand stories. The studio tour was a great insight into the “day in the life” of an ad agency, and tips and tricks for resume’s, portfolios, and going into the professional world. Some great take-aways: don’t be afraid to take chances; even something beautifully designed can fall flat if there’s no direction; and no matter what your career or job may be, it’s about being able to connect to people on a human level.


Walker’s Poster Wins Anfachen Award 2016

Walker’s WORK FAMILY LIFE poster exhibited on the streets in Hamburg, Germany.

Professor Walker’s studio Gold Collective was invited to submit to the Anfachen Award, an international poster competition under the theme “World of Women”:

The theme of this year fomenting Award in Hamburg is “World of Women” and is dedicated to strengthening and supporting women. Women fight for their rights, climb the corporate ladder … Women achieve a balance between education, entrepreneurship and volunteering. The women’s world, a world of contradictions, is to be shown on the posters: Loud and soft. Startling and profound. Striking and provocative.Questions and answers posing print.

Of the 200+  submissions, 25 poster were selected, printed, and exhibited on the streets of Hamburg, Germany. All 25 posters can be viewed here.


Visual Explanations for the Science Classroom

The final set of posters designed for the 8th grade physics classroom

Last year Reesha Grosso (GDC Alum) was preparing her 8th grader science classroom at Garnet Valley Middle school and noticed a lack of well designed engaging posters available for her walls.

“Each year students come to me having been exposed to a decade of sharply designed media, and I want my classroom to feel relevant to this new generation.” says Grosso.

After graduating from PhilaU about a decade ago, Grosso has since obtained a Master’s in science education from UPenn positioning her with a unique perspective of the STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, math) education model with the ability to bridge science and art.

Grosso brought the problem to her old GDC program and it seemed to be the perfect partnership for the newly revived GD elective Issues in Information Design. Finding better ways to communicate and engage science concepts to young audiences is exactly the type of current topic that can be addressed through good information design.

Professor Walker and Grosso collaborated to come up with a format for the project that would actively involve both the Garnet Valley students and the PhilaU students. Focusing on the Physic topics Grosso covered with her students, groups of Garnet Valley students worked together


Churchman Curates Arbitrary Pleasures

Adjunct Professor Laurie Churchman curates and designs Arbitrary Pleasures, an exhibition of artists books by Dan Rose (with collaboration by PhilaU GDC student, Amy Bachhuber, 2018). Dan Rose conjures the controlled wildness of Raymond Roussel, Marcel Duchamp, Harry Mathews, Georges Perec, and the OuLiPo movement with the assured irreverence of an accomplished book artist. Drawing from the tradition of formal constraints—if not always arbitrary pleasures—his artist books flip advertising, anthropology, philosophy, architecture, and gender identity on their heads. Rose’s visual narratives of such topics as the underarm, big science, sex, motherhood, large corporations, super-secret government projects, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s image take the viewer-reader on journeys into elegant absurdity. The exhibition is on display from September 29, 2016 to March 10, 2017 at the Kislak Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Churchman Judges HOW Self-Promo

Adjunct Professor Laurie Churchman judged How Magazine’s most recent Promotion & Marketing Design competition. HOW’s longest-running design competition, the HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards, is the only award that specifically recognizes outstanding promotion design work. Whether it’s a self-promo to showcase a design firm’s capabilities, a project that touts a client’s goods, an announcement for a major life event, or a student designer’s résumé or design portfolio it deserves recognition. Churchman encourages all students to enter the competition next year!

Design + Illustration + Collaboration + Integration

Two of PhilaU Graphic Design’s finest, Adjunct Professors Steve DeCusatis and Mario Zucca, gave a presentation of their respective work and led a workshop at this year’s Tandem Design Conference, the annual student-run design conference held at PhilaU. Their lecture “Design + Illustration + Collaboration + Integration” covered their journeys since graduating from Tyler School of Art. Steve and Mario discussed being business owners and educators, integrating workflows, and collaborations on many projects. Various work and interdisciplinary collaborations with other designers, illustrators, animators, clients and more were shared with students and professionals alike.