NEWS: 2016

PhilaU Day of Giving 2017 Industry-Sponsored Project

news_program_daygiving1As a part of the Design 5 Introduction to Branding and Identity course during the Fall 2016 semester junior-year students were tasked to work on the branding and identity of the 2017 PhilaU Day of Giving. This annual philanthropic event engages all members of the PhilaU community—current students, faculty and staff, alumni—to gather, energize and mobilize to raise funds for scholarships and other activities at the University. Students were asked to design a cohesive, creative approach to raise awareness about the event. news_program_daygiving2The students worked on this industry-sponsored project for parts of the entire semester, and had meetings with the clients in the Public Relations office at the beginning of the semester to kick-off the project, as well as mid-point critiques and final presentations. Associate Professor Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel conceived of and led the project, while the faculty were Assistant Professor Renee Walker, Adjunct Professor Rose DiSanto, and Professor and Program Director Frank Baseman.

news_program_daygiving3The overall level of the work was very strong and at the end of semester all-class critique the following awards were announced: Charlotte Rymar, Honorable Mention; Joelle Rush, Third Place; Devon Strine, Second Place; Myra Lloyd, First Place. Congratulations to all of the students and winners.