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Information Design Elective Takes on Public Health

In Spring 2017 Professor Renee Walker’s Issues in Information Design elective addressed how information design might improve communication in the Public Health sphere. A range of topics were explored from how we might see a better picture of our health lineage to how to start a discussion on advancement in genetics.

Taylor Santangelo explains his diagram of music influence to Dr. Drew Harris

Dr. Drew Harris from the Department of Population Health at Jefferson sat in on students’ presentations of concepts and offered up advice on the relevance of the projects and potential impact they could have in public health.

The results included: an app designed to work similar to allowing you to track your family’s health history using a simple color and icon based navigation system, an informational kit that promotes awareness of the relaxation benefits of going to the beach plus actionable items to help you relax and safely enjoy the sun, and a card set used as a discussion piece for ethical issues around the gene editing technology CRISPR.

Health Heritage App, Alicia Cadrette
Health Heritage App, Alicia Cadrette
Beach Therapy KIt, Katelyn Brown
The Ethical Concerns of CRISPR, Kristian Bocage



Alum named Rookie Awards Runner-Up!

Congratulations to 2016 grad, Ronnie Alley, for his incredible Runner-Up win in the globally competitive Rookie Awards Graphic Design category! This year, there were 2,752 entrants from 627 different schools and 81 countries.