NEWS: 2018

End of Semester Spring 2018 Reviews and Senior Exit Interviews

news_program_2018srexitinterviews1For a while there with all of the snow and crazy weather it felt like Spring would never come. But it was quite an exciting end to the very busy Spring 2018 semester. There was a lot of very strong work on display from all of the cohorts at the End of Semester Reviews.news_program_2018srexitinterviews2news_program_2018srexitinterviews3From the Freshmen completing D2 (Intro to Graphic Design); the Sophomore Assessment at the end of D4 (Advanced Typography); the Juniors completing D6 (Advanced Brand Identity); and the Seniors concluding with their individual Senior Exit Interviews. We wish all of the students well and a great Summer. See y’all in the Fall!news_program_2018srexitinterviews4news_program_2018srexitinterviews5news_program_2018srexitinterviews6news_program_2018finalreviews1news_program_2018finalreviews2news_program_2018finalreviews3news_program_2018finalreviews4news_program_2018finalreviews5