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Bastardized Blues

Jeff Stiefel

Graphic Design Communication

Bastardized Blues is a book encompassing the history of one subgenre of punk rock: punk blues. While Jeff Stiefel always loved music, he didn’t start exploring music until he learned to play the guitar. Throughout many musical phases, Jeff has always returned to the punk genre. He is drawn to the rawness, the intensity, and the energy that punk rock radiates.

Ten years later, Jeff also discovered the blues. He appreciated the musical complexity of the blues—both to play it and to listen to it—and found it hard to match the biting emotion many successful artists are known for. When he later found a genre consisting solely of punk and blues, he immediately fell in love.

Because of his personal investment in the subject matter, the Bastardized Blues project was especially poignant for Jeff. He wanted to create a design that was as energetic as the music. While the bands he focused on are well known in their industry, high quality photographs of them are difficult to find. Instead, Jeff decided to screen print all the imagery in wild, vibrant colors while experimenting with unique, unconventional typography layouts. The images seen throughout the book are entirely screen printed without any digital assistance. The screen printing process matched the music Jeff sought to capture—complex, a bit rough, and intensely inventive.