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Selections of Capstone and Industry-Sponsored projects from
the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce

Café One-Eighty Brand Identity and Packaging

Kristine Garcia

Graphic Design Communication

Kristine Garcia’s Café One-Eighty seeks to provide opportunities to teenagers who need a second chance. Regardless of their offense, many minors who have spent time in jail are denied the opportunities to advance economically and socially. As a result, these individuals are more likely to resort to negative and destructive behavior—such as joining gangs or abusing drugs.

Café One-Eighty is a non-profit café that employs troubled and/or homeless teens along with juvenile delinquents. This café aims to give an incentive for these individuals to better their lives. It will also provide them with job training, life skills, team-building skills and work ethics. The café will also give an opportunity for these individuals to showcase their talents (poetry, singing, dancing and art) through monthly talent shows held by the café. Over all, this particular business takes a stand against discrimination and prejudice against juvenile delinquents.

As part of Kristine’s Café One-Eighty project, she created a Brand Identity, various package designs, employee apparel and a website. This brand system is based around a series of quotes related to reinventing and improving oneself. The brand as a whole is meant to spread positivity—both for the cafe’s customers and employees.