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Capstone Experience at Kanbar College

Philadelphia University’s Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce brings design, engineering and commerce together to share an innovative, integrated educational experience that prepares students to think critically about the world using a multi-dimensional understanding of their rapidly evolving fields. The curriculum provides students a learning framework of shared methods and a common language that prepares them to collaborate effectively and work across disciplines. The skills and knowledge gained through the Capstone Experience are relevant to today’s careers, transferable to other fields and practices, and applicable to emerging opportunities.

The Capstone Experience is the culminating academic experience for our senior students that interweaves their learning in general education, DEC core, and major field of study. Generally, the experience is a two-semester process in which students conduct rigorous intellectual inquiry (independently or in collaboration with peers) on a theoretical issue, real world problem or creative work. Students then demonstrate their research, analytical and communication skills learning through a prototype, multimedia presentation, exhibition and/or a paper. Industry sponsored projects typically require site visits and oral presentation to a panel of experts from the industry. Graduating students from Kanbar College must demonstrate the completion of the following Capstone Experience outcomes:

  1. Integrate the skills and knowledge acquired through the DEC Core curriculum to propose solutions to real-world problems or issues
  2. Synthesize interdisciplinary work products (both collaboratively & independently)
  3. Communicate the Capstone Experience findings effectively using multiple modes
  4. Evaluate the relevant professional, ethical and social responsibilities associated with the Capstone Experience
  5. Explain the global context of the Capstone Experience
  6. Interpret emerging applications / practices / trends / technologies as they apply to the Capstone Experience
  7. Relate the Capstone Experience to relevant contemporary issues

DEC Capstone Experience at Kanbar College: synthesis, reflection, and new pathways!