Kanbar Selects

Selections of Capstone and Industry-Sponsored projects from
the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce

Collection: Eclipse

Hilary Moldovan, Philip Rivera

Fashion Design

Eclipse is a collaborative collection inspired by modern architecture and digital fabrication. As advances in building materials and construction methods challenged the notion of classical form, Modernism became the overarching movement in the story of 20th century architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum exemplifies the innovative nature of modern design through its smooth, organic concrete forms. Continuing the trend of innovation, the newest advancement in architecture is digital fabrication. This method uses computational precision to create previously unobtainable forms. The looks in the Eclipse collection seek to translate the principles of architectural modernism and digital fabrication into the wearable form. The first three looks draw visual influence from the Guggenheim through the layering of organic black and white forms. The final look embeds motion-sensing accelerometers and LEDs, creating a striking motion-reactive composition of light and movement.