Kanbar Selects

Selections of Capstone and Industry-Sponsored projects from
the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce

Collection: Sleepy Eyes

Andrea Purcell

Textile Design

The jacquard collection Sleepy Eyes evolved from a narrative structure. Andrea Purcell imagined a narrative of a mother reading a story to her children in the moments before they fall asleep. The imagery includes pressed flowers hidden in the pages of an old dusty book, as rain taps on the window and an owl peers into the scene. This collection explores the space between being awake and falling asleep, as everyday objects arrange themselves in a whimsical and imaginative way. The story ends as the children awake and wonder if the images they saw were reality or fiction.

The final version of the collection included a handcrafted storybook and a series of jacquard wovens. Her creative process began with pen and ink drawings based on old storybook illustrations. She then created multi-layered collages to illustrate the psychological impressions of the children interpreting the story. She was heavily influenced by the vintage illustrations featured in volumes of Hans Christian Anderson stories. She chose to organize her color palette in a similar way, keeping it predominately black and white with one or two additional colors. While designing this collection, she learned about the intricacies of woven constructions and the development of an overarching conceptual theme.