Kanbar Selects

Selections of Capstone and Industry-Sponsored projects from
the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce

Designed by Philadelphia University for Urban Outfitters

Adrienne Larsen, Marjan Gartland

Textile Design, Graduate Textile Design

Urban Outfitters challenged students in the undergraduate and graduate Textile Design programs to design fabrics for their ongoing apparel lines. PhilaU alumna Marissa Maximo, Urban Outfitters’ Director of Color andConcept, presented the competitive project to Textile students. Urban Outfitters got students started with prompts including private label concepts,trending color packets and sample concept lines. Urban Outfitters supported the students with frequent visits and critiques.

The two winning students, Adrienne Larson and Marjan Gartland, continued to work with Urban Outfitters on the production process, resulting in the launch of their designs in the Urban Outfitters line. The students’ designs were sold in stores and online, and the students were even featured on the Urban Outfitters blog. The project culminated with the ‘Fashion Night Out’ event in New York City, where Adrienne and Marjan mingled with elite fashion designers at the Urban Outfitters party. The project served as wonderful exposure, both for these students’ portfolios and their industry experience.