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Embark Game and Inner-city Underdog Brand Identity

Tracey McCaffrey

Graphic Design Communication

From the day Tracey McCaffrey brought home her first puppy in pre-school, to her almost-obsessive drawings of dogs from Kindergarten to 3rd grade, to her first real job at a pet hotel and doggie daycare, she’s had a soft spot for dogs. Naturally, when it was time for Tracey to choose a Capstone project, it was a no-brainer. Tracey explains: “Thinking back on my time at the pet hotel, I vividly remember the time I got bit and went to the ER. I figured that was a good starting place. Getting in the middle of a pit bull fight was probably not the smartest idea, but somehow, afterwards, it made me love them more. The outcome of that fight showed me how horribly pit bulls are judged and perceived, and I decided to focus my Capstone around them.”

Pit bulls are often the focus of underground dogfighting. Living in Philadelphia after the Michael Vick case makes this issue especially salient. Tracey’s Capstone, consisting of a Brand Identity, a website, and a board game, aimed to show children in the Philadelphia area the cruel and negative impact of dogfighting. Ideally, the Innercity Underdog project can teach children the benefits of positive relationships with animals.

Tracey conceived Innercity Underdogs as a charity organization that can visit schools in the Philadelphia area and share these values with children and young teens. The Embark board game can then be given to classrooms to reinforce the teachings and challenge the students on their “urban petiquette.” The game challenges players to travel around Philadelphia with their dog, answering trivia questions and learning facts about dogfighting and dog behavior.