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Evaluation of the Efficacy and Mechanical Properties of a Naturally Derived Antimicrobial Treatment for Lab Coats

Katherine Bogash

Graduate Textile Engineering

In Katherine Bogash’s project, commercial lab coats were treated with a naturally derived antimicrobial treatment which was developed at Philadelphia University. The efficacy of the treatment was evaluated in cultured samples after immediate treatment, after one rinse, after five washes and after ten washes. The treatment withstood ten laundering cycles with minimal loss of efficacy. Additionally, the project tested whether the treatment affected the mechanical properties of the lab coats, and determined that there were no significant changes in the fabric properties.

The figure below depicts the quantitative evaluation of M. smegmatis on cotton-polyester blended lab coats. Five different samples were exposed to M. smegmatis: the control coats were untreated, while the other lab coats were treated with the antimicrobial treatment. The top left plate is the control growth after twenty four hours at a 10-12 dilution of the growth medium. The top middle plate is the untreated unrinsed sample, and the top right is the untreated rinsed sample. The left plate in the bottom row is the treated unrinsed sample and the right plate in the bottom row is the treated and rinsed sample.