Kanbar Selects

Selections of Capstone and Industry-Sponsored projects from
the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce

Life+ Corian

Kevin Byrne, Eric Holzer, April Deley, Dan Wothers, Kathryn Forbes, Seton Spadt

Industrial Design

C.H. Briggs, one of the largest independently owned distributors of specialty building materials on the East coast, partnered with twenty-two Industrial Design students to create product designs using DuPont’s Corian® solid-surface material. Students’ designs included innovative products such as home furniture items, a contemporary sushi tray and a unique umbrella stand. These projects were showcased at the Philadelphia Center for Architecture in addition to being cited in Interior Design magazine. The “Life+” exhibition featured work by Eric Holzer, April Deley, Dan Wothers, Kathryn Forbes and Seton Spadt among others.