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Little Lingo Brand Identity and Language Learning System

Christina Minopoli

Graphic Design Communication

Some of Christina’s first memories are of her father teaching her to speak Italian. As a first generation Italian-American, she felt lucky to be bilingual before kindergarten. Because of the many benefits Christina saw in being bilingual, she knew she wanted to center her Capstone experience on second language learning. Christina created a language learning system named Little Lingo to teach Italian to children aged five to seven. The design revolves around the six engaging animal characters, which were the cornerstone of Christina’s illustration style. Every illustration was inspired by these characters to give the whole program a fun, childlike, and—most importantly—well-designed feel.

The program is made up of three important parts and the language is split into twelve sections, setting it apart from other language learning systems. The first component of Little Lingo is a box that is mailed to the customer once a month. Each box contains a set of flashcards and a fun, hands-on activity specific to that month’s language section. For example, the first month’s box focuses on numbers and the alphabet. The second—and possibly the most important—component of the program is the parent’s manual, which is filled with teaching tips, helpful resources, and activities to supplement the monthly box. The manual allows the parent to get involved in the child’s language learning experience. Lastly, a supplemental website creates a small community of Little Lingo Learners, as well as a place to track purchases. The website also offers a smartphone app, so parents and children can access Little Lingo anywhere and anytime.