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Testing the Image Quality of Print of a Novel Polyester Fiber Nonwoven Substrate

Kazi Islam

Graduate Textile Engineering

With the growing demand of synthetic fibers, new types of fibers are coming to the market. Manufacturers are making constant efforts to create fibers with novel and optimized properties. One of the main factors that determines a new fiber’s market success is its ability to take color and dye. For her thesis, Kazi Islam tested carded, cross-lapped and needle-punched nonwoven substrates made out of a new type of polyester named Ezdye. Fibers of 1.5 denier size were tested to determine Ezdye’s suitability for digital inkjet printing. Lines of various widths were printed on the fabric surface, and the quality of the printed design was subsequently evaluated using an image analysis machine. The magnified image of the printed surface, the line width, and line raggedness indicate the Ezdye fabric surface can produce smoother, sharper image quality than the control fiber, with better crocking fastness.