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Truth About Gangs in the Garden State: 2010 New Jersey State Police Gang Survey

Chris Ell, Matthew Goebner, Madeline LeSage, Jessica Lutcza, Tracey McCaffrey Data Visualization Designers: Chris Bazata, Megan Bradley, Laura Farnen, Horatio Gonzalez, Kelly Tenan, Andrew Wozniak

Graphic Design Communication, Interactive Design and Media, Professional Communications

The 2010 New Jersey State Police Gang Survey project, “The Truth About Gangs in the Garden State” was a team-based interdisciplinary project with five students from three different majors working together (Digital/Interactive Design, Graphic Design Communication and Professional Communication). The end result was original writing detailing the narrative story about gang activity in New Jersey, culminating in the design and production of a 64-page + cover full-color publication and accompanying website. Further collaboration included working with students from the Issues in Information Design course on data visualization for charts, diagrams and maps. This project was recognized with a Philadelphia Design Award from AIGA Philadelphia, and an Award of Excellence from the UCDA Annual Design Competition.

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