President Spinelli’s Presentation to Veteran Business Owners Initiative Stresses Entrepreneurship

President Stephen Spinelli Jr., Ph.D., recently presented at the Veteran Business Owners Initiative (VBOI) first annual conference on Innovative Employment Strategies and Successful Community Integration at a meeting held in Wellesley, Mass.

img_1139-5x.jpgThe two-day conference, presented by the Veterans Healthcare Administration and the VBOI—a group of organizations and programs that strive to help veterans with mental health issues, physical disabilities and substance addictions develop and manage their own successful businesses—drew entrepreneurs of all backgrounds from across the country.

With his presentation entitled Entrepreneurship, Social Justice and Equity, Dr. Spinelli addressed a diverse crowd of 100 veterans, Veteran Administration (VA) employees, social-service representatives and members of the general public eager to learn how to run their own businesses.

During his presentation, Dr. Spinelli discussed current business trends, the qualities and skills needed to become an entrepreneur and how to be a leader of social entrepreneurship. “I am setting a standard for bigger thinking and bigger impact,” said Dr. Spinelli, who was recently named a top professor of entrepreneurship by Fortune Small Business magazine.

“The event was a very noble experience,” said VA consultant Jerry Pinsky, an Army Medical Corps. veteran and founder of the VBOI at the VA Hospital in Bedford, Mass.  “I am very appreciative of Stephen’s inspirational talk.  He provided those who attended the conference with real substantive information and advice.”

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