Student who received heart transplant encourages others to be organ donors

Ken Lee, 37,  is many things: a forensic investigator, paramedic, hockey player and a Philadelphia University student who will soon earn a B.S. in Health Sciences.  He also is alive today because of the generosity of an organ donor.

On the evening of June 9, 2004, Lee was involved in a collision during a hockey game and collapsed.  He was rushed to the hospital with a suspected spinal cord injury.  Although his spinal cord was fine, Lee was shocked by the news that his heart was damaged beyond repair by an underlying disease.

After 17 days on an artificial heart pump, Lee was fortunate to receive a heart transplant.  “The heroic actions of an organ donor and his family saved my life,” he said.

April is Organ Donation Awareness Month, and Lee wants to repay the generosity that saved his life by telling his story and encouraging others to be donors.  “Please choose to be an organ donor,” Lee said.  “Indicate this on your driver’s license and let your family and friends know of your choice.”

“My donor and his family saved my life, and they have also saved the lives of everyone I have saved since then, including the child from the house fire and the young lady trapped in a vehicle on Christmas Day in 2005,” Lee said.  “Be a hero – be an organ donor.”

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