Steven Saunders, CEO of Genesis Financial Group, speaks to MBA students

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of First Genesis Financial Group Steven L. Sanders kicked off this year’s Leadership Lessons Lecture series for one-year MBA students Thurs., Sept. 18.

Saunders, a native of West Philadelphia, spoke about his early entrepreneurial beginnings as a paperboy and the lessons he both learned and applied from this position towards his future successes.

He discussed the nation’s current financial woes and pointed out that these problems are really global in scale. In addition to commenting on the sources of today’s economic situation, Saunders gave the MBA students several key pieces of advice.

Saunders urged students to take advantage of the wide availability of information today, but to make sure that they use the information strategically.  He encouraged them to strive for a work-life balance that includes finding a career for which they have tremendous passion.

Although technical skills are important, Sanders emphasized that soft skills such as promptness, professional appearance and doing background research are the critical hallmarks of the men and women who become shining successes.

First Genesis is based in Newtown Square, Pa., and manages $4.5 billion in assets. It is an African-American-owned firm dedicated to promoting and maintaining the financial wealth of its clients.

Saunders is frequently featured as a financial expert on CNBC, CNN and Bloomberg News. He can be heard live as the host on the show Financial Voices, Thursdays from 7 to 9 a.m. on WURD 900AM. He is the author of Money Matters for Young Adults.

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