PhilaU Students Present at National Higher Education Sustainability Conference

Ted Layton and Kyle Ramey, members of the Student Organization for Sustainable Action (SOSA) at PhilaU, presented at the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) 2008 Conference “Working Together for Sustainability – On Campus and Beyond” in Raleigh, N.C. on Nov. 17 to 19.

Layton and Ramey’s presentation, entitled “Starting a Successful Student Organization for Sustainability,” focused on the formation of SOSA, its programs and impact at PhilaU, and also the larger context of the sustainability movement on campus.

“We described our successes and challenges, but most important, stressed to our audience of students, faculty and administrators the importance of faculty and student collaboration when it comes to promoting sustainable initiatives on campus.”

Layton, Ramey and fellow PhilaU student and SOSA member Calla Massman attended lectures and presentations at the AASHE conference. Various topics related to sustainability in higher education were covered at the conference.

The students were able to learn what other colleges and universities are doing in order to become more sustainable. They had the opportunity to network with other students, faculty, administrators and vendors in attendance to learn sustainability practices.

The students presented their findings from the conference and ideas they plan on pursuing to continue PhilaU’s sustainability initiative to the University’s Sustainability Committee on Thurs., Nov. 20.

“I truly believe our University has the power to be a sustainable leader and set a positive example for our community, city and state,” Ramey said. “We have had a great number of successes and have made considerable progress due to the dedication of our faculty, staff and students. I am truly excited to be a part of this chapter of Philadelphia University’s history.”

“I feel strongly that students and faculty/staff separately have the ability to implement sustainable initiatives on campus; however, combined, they become a real force of positive change,” Ramey noted.

Layton encourages PhilaU students to get involved and make a difference. “We can help our school commit to more sustainable initiatives on campus. If you want to see some changes made on campus, get involved.”

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