Design Students Present ‘Wear Your Waste’ at Annual Design X Fashion Show Jan. 29

Philadelphia University’s fashion design students presented their works at the 2009 Design X Fashion Show, “Wear Your Waste,” on Thursday, Jan. 29 in Downs Hall Auditorium.

Featuring an array of work inspired by nature, foods, games, music and trash, the show included a dresses made of trash bags, shower curtains, and insulation, to name a few. Students used donated materials, products bought at Home Depot and recycled plastics and fabrics to create their fantastic designs.

Always an exciting and visually stimulating event, Design X, produced by Fashion Industries Association (FIA), features experimental designs constructed from innovative materials that would not typically be used for clothing, such as garbage bags, shoulder pads and videocassette tape.

Produced by students in a Fashion Design Problem-Solving class, the show pushes them to explore the limits of their creativity and embrace cutting-edge design concepts. 


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