PhilaU Participates in National Survey of Student Engagement

Once every three years, Philadelphia University participates in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) focused on student engagement. Participation in this study is a critical component of our Middle States re-accreditation self-study process, an important benchmark for strategic planning, and, most important, a valuable tool for ensuring student success.

The results from this study helps the University determine the extent to which students engage in certain types of activities or programs that enhance student achievement:

  • Level of Academic Challenge
  • Active and Collaborative Learning
  • Student-Faculty Interactions
  • Enriched Educational Experiences
  • Supportive Campus Environment

Student engagement in these areas is a good indicator of learning and personal development.

“NSSE is a very important study in our continuing efforts to ensure that we create real value for our graduates,” said University President Stephen Spinelli Jr., Ph.D. “We hope that students view this as an opportunity to help us ensure that they’re getting the most out of their time here.”

Students are asked to respond to email requests to participate in NSSE and to complete the survey.

After the data is collected and compared to national and peer data, the entire campus community can use the institutional data to guide change that will improve the student experience.

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