President Spinelli’s Thanksgiving Message

On November 24, 2008 I wrote these words to the Philadelphia University community:

“I am grateful for a loving family.
I am grateful for dear and supportive friends.
I am grateful for Philadelphia University.”

As I reflect on those sentiments 366 days later I believe they are an inadequate expression of the depth of my appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of and serve the extended community that is Philadelphia University.

In the past year we have worked hard, endured great stress, and achieved much. To struggle and achieve is fulfilling. Because our success is the underpinning of an important mission that supports students in becoming leaders in their professions and contributors to society, our achievements inspire me to work harder, reach higher, and share more.

Now in my third year as President, I can no longer say I am “new.”  I relish every opportunity to brag about this University and I am thrilled about our accomplishments. I am also committed to accepting the criticism and learning from the experience when we fall short of our goals.

I have always found the traditional American holiday season a special time for reflection.  Carol and I feel our Philadelphia University home is warm, interesting, and always exciting. Your continued support and friendship have contributed substantially to our lives. I am particularly grateful for your efforts and the work we continue to do to make Philadelphia University all it can be. Our University’s mission, vision, and the well-being of every member of our University community motivate me every day.

Carol and I wish you and your families relaxation, peace, and comfort during the coming Thanksgiving celebration. We will then return to the few final weeks of the fall semester with the same vigor and commitment as we started.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Stephen Spinelli Jr, Ph.D.
Philadelphia University

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