5th Year Architecture Students Exhibit at EPA’s National Sustainable Design Expo

Architecture students Bryan Strawley ’10, Ryan McCann ’10 and Christian Didra ’10 exhibited their sustainable station project, a BioMass Power Plant and Community Charging Station, at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Sixth National Sustainable Design Expo on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on April 24-25.

The fifth-year students, who worked on the project as part of their Design IX class, fielded questions on many topics at the expo, including on architecture, technology and community issues related to their proposal.

Designed for Wayne Junction in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, this building would provide the community with an opportunity to directly affect some major issues of urban living. It is an electric car charging station and a Biomass Incineration Plant that burns trash to produce electricity.

The team has also developed a co-op program for the facility where the community members would bring their trash to the facility and, in turn, receive credits that they can then use to charge their electric car, borrow a car through the PhillyCarShare program, take the train or ride the bus. This would encourage people to sort their trash more efficiently and use modes of transportation less harmful to the environment than gas powered vehicles.

Open to the public, the National Sustainable Design Expo had exhibits on novel approaches to sustainable design and buildings, as well as innovative ideas for alternative energy, technologies and materials.

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