University Hosts Same-Sex Marriage Symposium

The Law and Society program and the Office of Student Development hosted a Same-Sex Marriage Symposium on Oct. 26 in a packed Tuttleman Auditoriuam. Issues discussed included the state of California’s Proposition 8 and how the U.S. Supreme Court may end up deciding the constitutionality of laws that forbid or allow same-sex marriage.

The symposium also focused on whether homosexuality is genetic and/or environmental, or if the cause is even relevant as long as it is part of one’s identity. The student presenters were Amelia Gundersen-Herman, Matan Freedman, Victoria Thorsen and Daniel Arroyo. Other presenters included PhilaU Professor John Devotti, John Keating from N.J. Equality and community members Blair Cappuccio and Jason Lambert.

Audience members included students from law and society, professional communication, American transitions and psychology classes, and members of the Gay-Straight Alliance, as well as any other interested students.

Poll Everywhere technology was used to give real-time polling results concerning the audience’s opinion on a number of issues.

The symposium was a part of the LGBT History Month series of events at Philadelphia University.

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