Iraqi Standardization and Quality Control Delegation Tours PhilaU Research Center

Members of an Iraq Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control delegation, who were hosted by the U.S. Departments of Commerce and State, toured the Philadelphia University Research Center Tuesday, Dec. 14 in Manayunk, and learned about the state-of-the-art facility and research being conducted by faculty and students on textile and apparel material evaluation.

PhilaU researchers are leading efforts in identifying problems and helping to ensure the safety of textiles and apparel, including testing for potentially toxic chemicals most notably in textiles and apparel manufactured overseas.

Research findings have been influential in defending legislation to prevent certain chemicals from being manufactured in textiles and apparel in other countries and sold in the United States.

David Brookstein, Sc.D., executive dean for University research, has called for the need for research into the possible health effects of formaldehyde in textiles and apparel.

“Our research efforts in textile and apparel safety are influential in ensuring the health and well-being of consumers of domestic and foreign textile goods,” said Brookstein, who was recent interviewed in the New York Times, cautioning the use of formaldehyde in apparel. “It is important for the Iraqi delegation to understand and ensure quality control issues around toxic chemicals in textile and apparel products.”


Members of the Iraqi delegation included Dalali Hasso Mansour, director general of standardization; Feryal Abdulsahib Ali, chief of standards division; Suad Abdulsattar Rashid, chief of metrology division; Ilham Hussein Mustafa Al-Ahmed, chief of laboratory accreditation; Saad Mibder Al-Jasim, chief of chemical industries division – under quality control; Manal Mohialdeen Abed Al-Nasseri, chief of the food industries division – under quality control; Amer Abdullah Qaddoori, chief of  the IT department; and Michael Heydari, senior advisor of the Ministry of Planning in Iraq.

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