Law and Society Introduces ‘The Voice’

The PhilaU Law and Society Program will host a launch party for the new, online publication, The Voice, on Friday, Feb. 4 from Noon to 1:30 p.m. in The Kanbar Campus Center, Room 306. Pizza and wings will be served. Read the new publication at

Attendees at the launch party will be encouraged to brainstorm topics students are interested in, as well as encourage students to not only read and comment on the articles, but also to write for the publication.

Amelia Gundersen-Herman, editor of The Voice, said that the publication analyzes controversial topics ranging in scope from a campus level to an international level, as well as intelligent, passionate and opinionated editorials that stress the point of covering both sides of the story.

Topics are not limited to law, and may also address sociological, political and psychological issues. Articles that spark debate are encouraged. Submissions can be emailed to the editor at If the article is approved for publication, the author will become a member of the board and get a special honors status as a member of the pre-Law review. Please note that anyone can write for The Voice; there is no limitation regarding major.

In-depth stories will be added to the website once a semester, and there will be many editorials and reports throughout the semester.

“PhilaU now has a political VOICE,” said Evan Laine, Esq., assistant professor of History and director of the Law and Society Program, and one of the faculty advisors for The Voice.

Articles from the December 2010 edition discuss current controversial issues our society deals with, including “Free Speech Taken Too Far?,” by Daniel J. Arroyo, which explores the upcoming  Supreme Court  ruling in  Snyder vs. Phelps which will most likely  redefine the limits of the free speech in America.

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