Design X Fashion Show Pushes Creative Boundaries, Wows Packed Auditorium

Philadelphia University’s fashion design students wowed the packed Downs Hall Auditorium at the 2011 Design X Fashion Show Feb. 22, pushing creative boundaries from the fantastical to the sublime.

Featuring an array of work inspired by nature, pop culture and UPS, the show included dresses made of latex gloves, Plexiglass, trash bags and magazines, among other unconventional materials. Click here to watch a WHYY interview following the show. Click here to watch the 2011 show. Check out the Design X photo gallery.


A few highlights of the show were pieces inspired by origami, Lady Gaga, a Venus fly trap, impressionism and saltwater taffy.

Always an exciting and visually stimulating event, Design X, produced by Fashion Industries Association (FIA), is a collection of experimental designs constructed from innovative materials that would not typically be used for clothing, such as chicken wire, paint chips, bubble wrap and foil.

Students in a fashion design problem-solving class pushed the limits of their creativity and used donated materials, products bought at Home Depot and thrift stores, and recycled plastics and fabrics to create their designs.

Student designers in this year’s show included Aja Harris, Alison Lehman, Anfisa Sokolova, Arielle Salkowitz, Beth LaBrasca, Caroline Hagerty, Christina Lombardi, Elise Hanks, Erin Hallion, Jamie Mann, Johanna Kozak, Kaitlin O’Leary, Kaitlyn Doherty, Katelyn Maxwell, Katie Carlton, Kathrina Vasquez Paa, Kelli McCoy, Marielle Schaffer, Marisa Silva, Nicole Enterline, Rachael Jiuliante, Rashawna Lancit, Regina Fureman, Sara O’Reilly and Stephanie Rice.

FIA executive board includes Andrew Van Sant, president, Casey Lamke, vice president, Meaghan Abell, Laura Bickhart, Crystal Smith, Kathleen Johnson, Megan Monroe, Adriana Corso, Christine Michalek, Angelo Vellucci and Madison Howe.

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