DesignExpo to be held Thursday, March 31

PhilaU’s DesignExpo, a networking event and job fair sponsored by the Career Services Center, is back with more than 70 registered employers for invited PhilaU students. This year’s DesignExpo will be held on Thursday, March 31 from 1 to 4 p.m. in The Gallagher Center.

All junior and senior design majors, fourth- and fifth-year architecture and landscape architecture majors and graduate design students are invited to attend. The event pairs interested employers and students for a brief introduction and portfolio review, potentially leading to further interest or a job interview.

“DesignExpo is a great opportunity for students to connect with employers, show their portfolios and explore possibilities,” said Trish Shafer, director of career services. “For some, internships or full-time positions could come from their interactions”

Shafer said that there are other benefits beyond landing a full-time job. “Others might gain exposure to an industry for freelance opportunities. And some students will walk away more confident in showing their work with great feedback and advice from employers on how to improve their portfolios,” she said.

This year’s list of employers includes Nike, Under Armour, Adidas Wearable Sports Electronics, Stantec, Skai Blue Media, The Holt Group, The Jones Group and many more. For a full list of employers registered to attend, click here.

Students worried about meeting with employers will benefit from the fast-paced format of the event, Shafer said. “It is natural for students to be nervous, but given the rapid nature of the portfolio reviews —15 minutes each, back-to-back — students quickly lose the nerves and dive right in, forgetting they were anxious,” she said. “Students who participate will definitely benefit from the experience.”

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