Mayor Nutter Visits PhilaU Campus with YESPhilly Students

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (second from left) visited PhilaU with students from YESPhilly on Sept. 14 as part of Education Week.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter visited Philadelphia University on Sept. 14 with YESPhilly as part of Education Week in the city. The mayor arrived via trolley with approximately 30 students from YESPhilly, a program which helps students who have dropped out of school to pursue an education or seek job opportunities.

Mayor Nutter welcomed the YESPhilly students to “this truly beautiful and transformed campus. This is a great, great school and you have the opportunity to see what your future can be.” The students were given a tour of the campus by PhilaU student “Rambassadors” and had the opportunity for an informal Q&A about college life.

Nutter and Christine Greb, dean of enrollment management, spoke to the students about the importance of a college education.

Christine Greb, dean of enrollment management, urged the students to finish their GEDs and pursue a college education, “not just for your own personal goals, but also so you can contribute to the welfare of Philadelphia and the world at large.”

“You have to finish up your GED,” Nutter told the students.  “Your education is a critical factor in your lifelong earnings and ability to get a job.” Nutter stressed the importance of earning a college education for finding a good job and realizing your potential. “There will soon be a time when 80 percent of the jobs available will require a college degree,” he said.

Each of the students had the opportunity to hear about PhilaU’s varied degree programs and the benefits of pursuing higher education. By a show of hands, many of the visiting students had either earned their GED or were in the process of doing so, and many were evaluating the different college options available to them in the Philadelphia area.

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